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Let me entertain you this holiday season!

Special Order Holiday Day Gifts & Send The Gift of Love!!!

 Holiday Charcuterie Boards

Get your Epic Charcuterie Board just in time for New Year! Here’s a quick list of what to expect on your board:
  • Meats – Include a variety of meats like salami and proscuitto. 
  • Cheese – We love to add a hard cheese and a soft cheese, like a parmesan or cheddar, and then a soft cheese like goat cheese, or creamy brie. 
  • Crackers and bread – A sturdy cracker is important. Add a multigrain crackers or crisps, like our favorite Lesley Stowe Crackers. Bread is another option!
  • Fruit (and veggies) – Best Fresh fruit , and dried fruit. 
  • Olives – A variety of olives rom Pitted Olives Jubilee to Aglio Green Pitted Olives.  Kalamata olives, or an olive medley. 
  • Dips and spreads – A small bowl of marmalade or fig jam and or hummus.
  • Assorted Nuts

Holiday Gift Baskets

New Year Eve Gift Basket for 2!
Holiday Gift Basket.jpg
The holidays are coming up — which means the overwhelming task of finding the perfect present for each family member is looming ahead. Gift baskets are an easy and affordable gift idea. that will leave your loved ones feeling special and appreciated.

They are great because you can personalize each basket to tailor to a specific event, personality, or time in someone’s life. Although gift basket ideas really come in handy during the holiday season, they are also great gift ideas to keep in mind throughout the year.
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