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Chef Cassondra

Chef Cassondra Armstrong is a Chef Extraordinaire, and Master of Culinary Concepts, LLC.  For over 28 years, Chef Armstrong has been wowing families with her culinary skills.  Known as The Healthy Chef, Chef to the Stars, and National Ambassador for the American Heart Association’ Power to End Stroke campaign, she spends countless hours working in the community with Methodist Medical Center and Baylor Hospital’ DHWI (Diabetes Health and Wellness Institute) promoting healthy cooking.  Chef Armstrong has apprenticed under “Chef of The Year” and Dallas renowned Chef Hermann Hiemeyer of Hyatt Regency Hotels.

This Master Culinarian, Consultant, and Personal Chef has a BS in Business Administration from Dallas Baptist University, an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts from El Centro College, and holds Honor Graduate and Certified Culinarian status from the American Culinary Federation.  For five and a half years, she was blessed to own and operate a restaurant in the southern part of Dallas, Texas. called “The Dining Table”.

Chef Armstrong is a Board Member in good standing with the Texas Chefs Association and a long time member of The American Culinary Federation. Chef Armstrong has a Personal Chef Service “Catering to Busy People Who Value Healthy Living” called Good 2go Foods™.  Chef Armstrong is a health-conscious Chef, with a mission to raise up a community of health-conscious individuals.

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Positions available:

Kitchen/Catering Manager Position

As our Catering Chef, you will help manage the preparation and production of food, ensuring everything leaving the kitchen is representative of the high standards that exist within industry standard.


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