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Dream, Desire & Aspire!

Let's Get Focused!

Vision Board Planning Day

Dream, Desire & Aspire Journal

As 2017 comes to a close, it is time to de-clutter and detox your mind body and spirit! Stepping into the New Year with a new vision of a new You! This planning day Vision Board Event was created to help you bring it all into focus!

Your Health | Your Life (style)  | & Your Purpose!

Kicking off the first 21 Days of 2018 focusing on YOU!

Are you a Diabetic? How is your Blood Pressure? What about pain in your body? Well let's have the medication conversation. We are here to inspire you!

How is your lifestyle??? Are you too tired to exercise? Do you get out of breath walking? When was the last time you detoxed your body? How is your quality of life right now?

Have you identified and are you operating in your God given Purpose? Let's get the year started with a Vision Board Planning Day just before the New Year starts, and a clearer vision of what to come!


Abracadabra!! ~ a Hebrew word meaning "I Create As I Speak!"   #Speakit!

Our Vision Board Planning Day guest speakers:
Chef Cassondra Armstrong (Your Health)
Nazir Sadeeriyah Baht Avdiyah (Your Life (style)
Deondria Cantrice (Your Purpose)

Our 21 day A New You!

A tasty Plant Based Lunch
Vision Board Kits
A 30 minute wellness consultation
Meal planning assistance
21 Day Heal thy Self Detox and Access to a secret Facebook detox group
21 Day A New You Cookbook
& Our Dream Desire and Aspire Journal


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