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Chef Cassondra teams with Almond Breeze at ‘Taste of Dallas’ food festival

When most people in Dallas hear about food sampling at Fair Park, their minds turn to fried Twinkies and corn dogs at the Texas State Fair. But at this month’s Taste of Dallas event, Chef Cassondra and other local chefs showcased the more refined side of Texas cuisine, proving to the food-loving public that tantalizing tastes can also be good for you. For this year’s event, Chef Cassondra served as a spokesperson for Blue Diamond Almond Breeze milk. Almond milk is a great source of protein, calcium, and vitamins A, D, and E. It tastes great by itself, but it also works well as an ingredient in many dishes – sometimes where you’d least expect it. Ever heard of putting almond milk in chili? It helps to tenderize the other ingredients and adds a wonderful silky texture.

On Friday, June 9, Chef Cassondra shared the Almond Breeze recipe for Tex Mex Veggie Chili on live television, in a Taste of Dallas promo segment on WFAA Channel 8. For the rest of the weekend, she was at the Almond Breeze Booth at Fair Park, sharing the vegetarian treat with thousands of hungry patrons. Chef Cassondra has been a recurring participant at Taste of Dallas for over a decade, and is on the festival’s list of preferred chefs. It’s always an honor to be a part of the event, which attracts tens of thousands of visitors and features food from many of Dallas’ top chefs, restaurants and vendors. Chef Cassondra views the festival as more than a good time – it’s an annual affirmation of her role in Dallas’ world-class culinary scene, as well as an opportunity to teach more people about the virtues of healthful cooking and eating. You can find the recipe for Almond Breeze Tex Mex Veggie Chili on WFAA’s web site:


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