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Happy New Year!!!!!

~January 5, 2017 ~

I pray we all made it to the other side!!! Thank you, Lord!

Millions of Christians throughout the world kick their new year off with an extended time of prayer and fasting. And, the vast majority of those fasting use the Daniel Fast as their method.

I put together a handy book on how to be successful on the Daniel Fast. I’ve included a list of what to eat and what to avoid as well as some quick smoothies, juices, and breakfast ideas that are all Daniel Fast-friendly. If you’d like to get your copy of 21 Days… please click here.

Help in the Kitchen

And, if you and your family are busy with activities during the week/weekends (meetings /basketball /football), and want a healthy well-balanced meal on the table when you get home, we have just the solution for you! Yes, even for the Daniel Fast!

Each week, we can deliver three healthy and balanced chef-prepared dinner meals. We select entrées and you select the sides according to your liking. Please click here to see our offerings.

To learn more about our new Good2go Meals, please click here.

I appreciate the opportunity to serve and provide healthy options for you and your family.

Always your Chef,


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